Visit Arctic Europe 2   

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Cooperation and networking for better results

Through the project Visit Arctic Europe, the project team, together with the nearly 100 companies from the travel industry in the region, have proven that results can be achieved better through cooperation and trust.
Joint marketing campaigns with tour operators have resulted in 21 000 new holidays sold for Arctic travel destinations between 11/2016 – 4/2017. This adds up to more than 132 000 new overnight stays in local holiday destinations. 54 new cross-border travel packages have been developed.

Visit Arctic Europe II

Through Visit Arctic Europe II (VAE II), we will introduce solutions to selected challenges revealed in phase I and trigger new opportunities for a long-term, sustainable tourism industry in the VAE region.

VAE II’s main intention is to continue and improve the cross-border cooperation between the project partners in order to develop the region as an all year round, sustainable, high quality travel destination.

VAE II will aim for 10 % increase in bednights from selected market areas, with the intention to create all-year round business, hence creating new opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship in the region.

Main activities
The project will concentrate on three main activities: Marketing, accessibility and competence development.

- Branding and customer oriented activities (B2C and C2C)
- Touroperator cooperation (B2B) Accessibility
- Internal accessibility
- External accessibility

Competence development
- Digitalization
- Sustainable tourism in the Arctic
- Product development
- Market knowledge

Networking and Sustainability
Networking and cross border cooperation will be the overall principle for the project. Sustainability will be the foundation of the project, and will be taken into account in all activities and tasks of the project

Visit Arctic Europe II is the continuation of the crossborder cooperation project Visit Arctic Europe (2015-2017). The main intention of VAE II is to further develop the VAE area as a full year travel destination by strengthening crossborder networking and commercial cooperation.

Finnish Lapland Tourist Board ry (LME), Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, Northern Norway Tourist Board
Budget: to be defined
Time frame: 6 / 2018 – 3 / 2021

Invitations for participation in VAE II will be sent out during October. Deadline for commitment 15.11.2017.
Partnership investment will be differentiated according to the companies’ turnover.

More information: Nina Forsell. tel: +358 40 126 2996